Director: Profª Doutora Luísa Araújo

CEIA is a multidisciplinary unit dedicated to scientific research, of an essentially applied nature, closely linked to the training areas developed at ISEC Lisboa.

The lines of research are directly related to the priorities defined in ISEC Lisboa’s scientific policy and they are developed through national and international partnerships, counting, to this intent, with the direct collaboration of the GRI (International Relations Office).

The support for the national economy is also a focus of concern for CEIA, which is why protocols have been established with different public and private entities, with whom we collaborate to support and reinforce its current activity. To this end, we rely on research to produce knowledge in areas related to management activities, in central and municipal entities. In this context, CEIA benefits from the collaborative work with the Know-Now/Know-How Network (Decree-Law No. 43/2014, of 18 March; Decree-Law No. 63/2016, of 13 September) that currently has about 150 partners (companies, municipalities, professional associations, NGOs, higher education institutions, secondary schools and trade schools).